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Senior Living Design Trends



  •   Home-like design – resident choices in finishing, shared kitchen space to host larger family events
  •   Wellness focus – meditation areas, include outdoor space.
  •   Convertible design – multi-purpose (eg. breakfast room in AM converts to bar/pub in PM)
  •   Hospitality focus – at least 2 dining options, services on demand (like laundry, transportation) billed back to resident account, hotel-like experience
  •   Restaurant style dining - most important feature, with room service rated least important
  •   Community integration – walk out to fitness centre, retail services – designed so residents feel connected to community as a whole (it is all their home)   


  •   New and future residents have higher expectations, affluent, well-travelled, educated, used to technology, want individualized options and great service
  •   Sense of arrival to dining area is key
  •   Branding – restaurants have their own identity – down to name, logo, uniforms
  •   Casual dining
  •   Coffee shops offer 7 to 7 constant service
  •   Market Bistro with cooking areas – real chefs create signature plates and interact with residents
  •   Action/exhibition station in corner of dining room
  •   Bar & Lounge – very popular, pre-dining meeting place, choice to stay with pub menu
  •   Pop up dining – mobile food trucks, seasonal spots, roof top dining – variety is key!
  •   Assisted Living or Memory Care dining – open kitchen area, share smells and preparation, less of a stark transition from independent


  1.  Grab & Go, coffee shop/bistro – hamburgers, soups, salads, sandwiches, pizza 
  2.  Casual dining – chicken, seafood, pasta
  3.  Pub/Lounge – small food menu – sliders, wings, chicken fingers, fries
  4.  Formal Dining – upscale menu with wine pairings, reservations required, offered certain evenings/specific dates 
  5.  Outdoor covered dining

brenda-cropped If you want to make your business Senior Friendly and aren’t sure where to start, email me and we can start a discussion around the program that works best for you.   I will custom-design the business review and training to suit your budget, staffing and timelines.

- Brenda Josephs, Owner & Operator of SeniorsCircle Communications

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