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Senior Living Terminology

Independent Living - includes a combination of housing and hospitality services for retired adults who are functionally independent seniors capable of directing their own care. This may also be referred to as Supportive, Retirement or Congregate Living

  • These seniors choose to be free of the home management duties and prefer the convenience of service in a social atmosphere.
  • Living space may vary from a studio apartment to a 2 bedroom or larger
  • Services provided are usually a menu of optional fee-for-services from a base rate which could include meals, housekeeping, monitoring and emergency support, social and recreational opportunities, transportation, etc.
  • Building features include private space, and a safe secure environment with a home-like setting. The buildings are designed with common areas and features to allow seniors to "age in place"
  • These communities include privately owned, non-profit and subsidized housing options

Assisted Living - offers housing, hospitality services and personal assistance to seniors who live independently but require help with some daily tasks

  • Same type of communities as the independent living
  • Provides additional services such as bathing, dressing or medication monitoring. Nursing care may be available
  • Seniors must be able to be self directed and independently mobile
  • Assisted living can be private pay or funded

Long Term Care/Complex Care - provides housing, hospitality, personal assistance and 24 hour professional nursing care for seniors unable to care for themselves. Also referred to as Nursing Homes

  • Care is required on a regular basis in a facility setting but who are not in need of hospitalization
  • This segment includes intermediate care, multi-level care, extended care hospitals, private hospitals, Palliative Care or Respite Care
  • These must be licensed and may be private pay or government funded

Campus of Care - is a site that offers Independent Living, Assisted/Supportive Living and Complex Care in one location.

  • This structure allows the senior to move from one care option to the next without having to move to a new community.
  • In some provinces they do need to move to a new area within that community

Aging in Place - Canada Housing and Mortgage Corporation defines this "as a process which enables the elderly to grow older in familiar and comfortable surroundings while providing them with the necessary assistance to maintain a relatively independent lifestyle"

  • This could be applied to seniors living in their own home or housing community

Alzheimer, Dementia or Memory Care - specialized care and supportive programs for persons with Alzheimer Disease or other forms of memory loss

  • Care may be provided in a Long Term Care home in a secure designated section or in the persons personal home In some provinces this may be delivered in Supportive Living options as well

Respite Care - this service provides relief for the care givers of seniors living in their own home. This program allows caregivers to have free time for themselves while their loved ones are supervised.

Home Support Services - help to support the seniors independence in their own home. Services are non-medical in nature and include meal preparation/delivery, homemaking, home maintenance, transportation, security checks and friendly visits among others

Home Care Services - are provided to help seniors maintain health, well-being and personal independence in their own home. Professional services may include nursing, social work, physiotherapy, respiratory therapy and nutritional services. These services may be eligible for funding depending on the province

  • Support services may include homemaking and personal care services however this varies again between provinces depending on their Provincial Health Act

brenda-cropped If you want to make your business Senior Friendly and aren’t sure where to start, email me and we can start a discussion around the program that works best for you.   I will custom-design the business review and training to suit your budget, staffing and timelines.

- Brenda Josephs, Owner & Operator of SeniorsCircle Communications

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